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Valerie Peterson, Owner Wildthink Advertising

“Paul is smart, witty and confident which carries over into his fabulous copy writing skills. He is able to understand what a project requires quickly and effectively.” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Michael Tamzil, Owner/Creative Visionary for Tamzdesigns

“Word guys is so totally not IT! Paul is much more and I love the flairs he put between words. He is my go to guy for all things with letters and what he deliver as always is a perfect balance that matches our visuals. I cosign him anytime!”

Esteban Chavez, Creative Director, Headhigh Creative

“Paul brought valuable insight and expertise which went well beyond the deliverables that were required. His work and delivery is professional and is a welcomed element from pitch to finish.” Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

David Fong, David Fong Advertising

“I worked alongside Paul at Ingram Micro on many assignments and have also hired him myself for my clients' projects. He is an idea machine and is fun to be around. Paul is always on top of the latest buzz. I highly recommend him for creative concept and copy.” Top qualities: On Time, High Integrity, Creative

Jayne Merritt, Sr. Group Manager, Client Services/Media, Ingram Micro

“When it comes to copywriting, Paul is edgy, always thinking outside the box. I think it's the Canadian in him. If you're looking for ho-hum, standard copy that sits on a page, this is not your guy. BUT - if you're looking for cutting-edge creativity to take your project to the next level, consider investing in Paul!”

Amy Peterson, Marketing Services Project Manager, Ingram Micro

“Paul's creativity is endless, and his writing style reflects this in everything he does. Working with Paul was always a pleasure, as he's easy to get along with, fun to work with, and always hits his deadlines. We even worked together on a series of direct mail that won an award...need I say more about what a great writer he is?”

Jake Marks, President, Jake Marks Communications

“Paul was an excellent employee at our full-service agency. He was creative, intelligent, inquisitive (as all good writers should be), and pleasant to work with as he worked hard, sans temperament. Not that he was a pushover - he let you know when he disagreed but he always sought consensus. His understanding of media, in particular television production, served him well in creating properly targeted materials through a broad spectrum of media.”

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